Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

South Terminal Expansion Project - Seattle, WA

This $6 billion expansion program included over 120 capital improvements projects. Improvements included new, expanded and renovated terminals; an upgraded BHS that included new outbound and inbound conveyors, new baggage screening with in-line EDS and central OSR and upgrades to existing conveyors; an upgraded and expanded people mover system; roadways and parking structures; a light rail interface; and a new runway and taxiway system.

Abadjis Systems Ltd. (ASL) negotiated with TSA the revised scope of work and allowable costs for reimbursement and the terms of the MOA; set up a separate cost accounting system related to TSA reimbursement of allowable costs and an internal reporting system that met the requirements of the internal and external auditors; and developed its activation plan and coordinate the activation plan requirements with the airlines (domestic and international), baggage service providers, TSA, stakeholders and the Fire Department. ASL led the effort of activation regarding the special systems, baggage handling system, TSA baggage screening operations and the relocation of the airlines within the bag makeup area that resulted in an orderly staged transition from their existing locations to the new terminal that ensured a smooth operation from day one. The Port of Seattle asked ASL to assist in resolving the issues with the general contractor and BHS manufacturer restart the work and recover the lost time. ASL developed a work plan that included a decreased (in lieu of increased) scope of work for the BHS manufacturer to include only work necessary to open the new terminal, redesign the remainder of the BHS and packaged it for competitive bidding. ASL negotiated successfully with the BHS manufacturer the reduced scope of work ensuring the full functionality and the timely completion of the BHS. ASL negotiated successfully with the general contractor all claims to date, in addition to a deductive change order for the reduced scope of work. ASL led the effort to re-design the BHS and the necessary modifications to the terminal, prepared the bid documents and oversaw the procurement process.