Mineta San José International Airport

ASL provides project management services for the City of San Jose: San Jose International Airport, in support of two projects. The Terminal B Exit Lane technology project, which consists of the installation of an unmanned intelligent sensor exit lane and bypass system on the 2nd level of Terminal B, while maintaining entry to an adjacent storage room. The Perimeter Security Fence includes the design and installation of a perimeter security detection system, including mounted cameras along the airport perimeter security fence, to provide for alarmed notifications and video surveillance, during intrusions.

The following services are included in support of these projects:

  • Development of a reporting system for management, in order to provide concise reports for ongoing projects.
  • Development of a project budget template, to assist staff with preparation of project budgets for upcoming projects.
  • Development of project schedules.
  • Perform stakeholders meeting to develop the scope of the projects, ensuring that the schedule and budgets are adhered to.
  • Assist the City of San Jose with providing options of the most effective project delivery method, to ensure optimal success on project delivery.
  • Perform design management services, ensuring that all stakeholder requirements are met.
  • Assist with the preparation of bid documents.
  • Assist with procurement of the contractors and pre-award services.