Horace Mann MS Master Planning and Site Modernization Phase I and Phase II

ASLPM is responsible for the Project Management & Construction Management for the Facilities Planning and Construction for project implementation of Horace Mann Middle School Master Planning and Site Modernization Phase I and Phase II under Proposition Z Program at San Diego Unified School District.

Phase I

Improvements to the Horace Mann Middle School campus will achieve the goal of improving the learning environment, health, safety and security of the students as well as improve the accessibility throughout the campus.  The scope of work involved: 

Demolition of building 100 (Administration Building), demolition of building 500 (Classroom Building) and demolition of building 600 (Classroom Building).  Construct a new three-story building with 16 classrooms and administration offices in the general location as the existing building 500.  The new building is approximately 32,300 square feet, with new site lighting, security, CCTV camera’s, fire alarm and site work.  The new structure will also include new visitor parking and student drop off/pick up driveway.  New outdoor dining courtyard at the location of existing building 100.  The courtyard will include four shade structures, along with associated soft and hardscape areas.  Upgrade campus-wide fire alarm system.  Provide campus-wide public address system.

Key Services provided:

  • Overall master schedule clearly indicating the permitting, construction and pre and post operations timelines.
  • Risk Analysis Log, documenting major risks, possible mitigations and corresponding budget & schedule impact.

Program Performance:

The program schedule is closely managed, and no detrimental impact to budget by implementing the key decisions as follows:

  • Early and constant communication with school administrator to understand the project needs and schedule importance.
  • Early collaboration with the Authority Having Jurisdiction, to enable prompt permit reviews and approvals.
  • Implementing a “soft opening” date in addition to a “hard opening” date, to perform test runs and effective Commissioning.

Collaborating with the school administrator to perform staff training offsite, enabling the construction team to work multiple shifts, enabling schedule improvement. 

Phase II

Phase II of the Master Planning and Site Modernization of Horace Mann Middle School includes modernization of remaining spaces not addressed as part of the Phase I project.  Specific project details are developed from community input at a series of Design Task Force meetings. 

Key Services provided:

  • Value Engineering exercises to determine cost savings options, including review of finishes, and supported infrastructure.
  • Collaborative exercises to determine options for an early opening date and provide a higher level of service at an earlier date.